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Secret Shopper/Critque

Detailed Report on your Business

With over 30 years experience in Retail & Marketing we are well qualified to create a detailed report on the state of your business.


Everything from window displays, point of sale effectiveness. customers first impression, sounds, smells, mood, customer flow and much more...


Sometimes we can get so busy we stop seeing the wood from the trees and fail to see the obvious. If you want we can secretly record our visit and deliver a detailed video of our observations.


Here are just a few of the things we will be watching out for:

  • Was the parking lot clean and free of trash and debris?
  • Was the store entrance clean and well maintained?
  • Did any signage throughout the store appear to be worn or damaged?
  • Was the store clean, neat, and well maintained
  • Was the restroom clean, well-stocked
  • Were aisles free of clutter and obstructions?
  • When were we greeted, what was said, did we feel welcome?
  • Did the staff member smile?
  • How long did we have to browse before a member of
  • These are just a few items we would cover on our visit

Joke with a moral tale: Woman walks into a butcher shop and asks for 3 lamb chops, 5 burgers and 2 flies....the butcher looks at her perplexed and asked why or what made her ask for 2 flies in a butchers shop. She replied "I saw them in the window"

Get a Secret Shopper Report on your: Retail Shop, Restaurant/Bar, Supermarket and even Butcher Shops.